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Hood landscaping, Inc.
Owners Ed and Molly Hood

Office Phone:  970-468-9223
Office Manager:  Samantha Daniels

Mailing address:
2 Third St.
Montezuma, Colorado  80435

“Hood Landscaping designed and installed our gardens, irrigation system and landscape lighting after completion of construction of our vacation house in Keystone, Co about a half dozen years ago. Since then, they have been taking care of the maintenance of our yard and gardens.  The project was not easy, in light of the terrain, but that did not fluster or deter Hood Landscaping from accomplishing what we asked them to do. They installed  a “green fence” of bushes and trees on a fairly steep slope and narrow easement between our house and that of the neighbors’, using a crane to place the fairly large trees.  Working with Molly and Ed was a pleasure. Their staff is courteous and helpful and the service is reliable.”

Mariette Woestemeyer,
Saw Whiskers, Keystone