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Services: Retaining Walls

Endless Possibilities to Tame Steep Slopes

Retaining WallsOne of the most enjoyable challenges in the high-country is working with steep slopes.  We view “encroaching hillsides” as an opportunity to create an exciting dimension in your landscape.

Retaining walls can be constructed to tame steep slopes, eliminate erosion, facilitate drainage, elevate planting areas, and create useable spaces.

Whether they are constructed with natural stone, boulders, paver blocks or pressure treated lumber, retaining walls enhance your natural surroundings, create ambiance, add value to your home, and can last a lifetime.   The variety of rock sizes, textures and patterns really help with design flexibility creates endless design possibilities.

To extend the party until after dark, don’t forget that lighting can be added to your retaining walls.

“We were out at Thanksgiving and wanted to let you know that we LOVE what you’ve done to the backyard. The firepit is so nice and the rock retaining wall really works well!”

~ Linda Raaf,
Elk Run, Keystone 

Your wall is meant to be an anchor.  We’ll build one that won’t budge!

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