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A Surefire Way to Protect Your Investment

IrrigationIrrigation should be incorporated into every project. High country weather can sometimes be unforgiving and extremely dry, so any investment in your landscape should be backed up with some type of sprinkler system.

We’ll help you decide whether a hose timer or a full control clock sprinkler system is right for your project.

The bottom line is wasting water is a drain on your checkbook and on the environment. With a Hood Landscaping irrigation system, customized to your lawn and expertly installed, your plants are easier to maintain, and your time is spent enjoying your space, not watering it.

Ask us about rain sensors and automatic fertilization!!

“Thanks for keeping our gardens looking so beautiful this summer. The only problem with you guys is that you are so darn addicting.”

~ Joseph Beall
Keystone Ranch Homeowner

Even native plants benefit from a regular watering cycle. If you don’t have an irrigation solution, you may be wasting money and jeopardizing your investment.