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Case Studies

In each of these case studies our clients bought a house they loved, in a place they loved, with dramatic views.  But the landscapes needed help.  The houses were well designed and built, but the landscapes were an afterthought.

Follow us through these case studies:

Beautiful Paver Project

Our challenge was to give this property an entrance that matched what you would see inside. But we needed to keep the driveway the same size. We needed to create planting pockets that would not get destroyed by a snow plow in winter. Learn more >

Water Feature Installation

The client wanted a water feature to awe his guests while on their back deck. We worked with Scott Sones, a local landscape architect, to create this awesome vision. We wanted the water feature to look like it had been shaped by nature and always been there. Learn more >

Property Transformation

This site presented an incredible opportunity! We were excited by the chance to transform this property. Our clients didn’t know what they wanted. After some long conversations, we came up with a vision that delighted them. Learn more >